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How do I speedup my Website on WordPress Hosting?

WordPress was first introduced on World Wide Web in 2003 as Blogging Software. Later on it become the World’s most popular used, free, open source, web based website developing and content management tool. It’s been found that nearly 20% people around the world uses WordPress as per Forbes magazine.  WordPress when launched was just used to create blogs but later developers did some great word and totally changed WordPress features and functional areas and introduced it as content management system (CMS). It’s really amazing to use WordPress as it is more users friendly and easy to learn. Another good feature of WordPress is Plugin. Various plugins can be installed on a website which allows expansion of its functionality in different possible ways.
We have focused on WordPress and its development. WordPress being most powerful and strong content management system and handles heavy business and highly traffic oriented blogs sites. You can notice some speed issues once you start receiving heavy traffic on your blog. Due to speed issues, WordPress server load might get increase. You need to think about it as once blog becomes more popular and have huge number of unique visitors then it can affect server or server might get crashed. To avoid such issues, certain care must be taken. Following remedies are recommended to avoid server load:

Need to Use Cache Plugin: Cache plugin or Software needs to be used on WordPress or other websites. This can surprisingly reduce server load. The cache of new visitor is maintain and when he visit another time same pages are being served to him thus avoiding extra queries that would have been send to server. Blogs has unique as well as regular visitors. So cache plugin can prove beneficial to reduce server load. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are recommended plugins to be used.

Importance of updating WP, Themes and Plugins:  We should always keep WordPress, Applications, Themes and Plugins updated. The reason behind is, if prior version has any bugs which are causing problems to overload server they can be removed by updating version. Even after updating, problem is not solved then you should uninstall plugin from website so that it won’t create unnecessary load on server.

WordPress Theme needs to be Optimized: Before selecting WordPress theme, it’s important that theme should not have heavy stuff such as queries, Images and should be less stylish. Due to high style applications and other scripts like Java would cause server to slow down due to overload of queries and can hamper website performance. So it’s always better to keep our website with less number of images and graphical contain.

Benefits of Using CDN: CDN stand for Content Delivery System. It helps us to deliver content from different networks thus reducing load on load. If any website has lots of stuff like images, media files, videos etc, CDN can help it to deliver to visitors and helps to enhance our website performance. CDN actually helps to load pages faster of WordPress based websites as all heavy files are stored on CDN servers. Thus through CDN, user experiences fast website browsing experience and can help users to spend more time on websites.

WordPress Databases:  Databases needs to be checked as some unnecessary database gets created when any plugin is installed. The database remains as it is even if plugin has been deactivated. Unwanted or spam comments should be deleted quickly because this makes database heavy and create load on server as CPU needs to process databases which are not needed. Plugins are available to delete unwanted databases.

Observe Index.php: In case, when website is having major traffic at peak hours, index.php starts creating unwanted load on server. This could be due to home page as it consists of number comments or posts, unwanted links, media or video file. As mentioned above CDN could be more beneficial in order to display images, media, video files etc.
Hope above tips will help to reduce WordPress server load. You can also contact your Hosting service providers who can assist you in better way and guide or provide solution.  Apart Technology is changing more quickly and hence many web hosting service providers are already developing new solutions so that customers satisfaction is been given more priority.


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