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How to Secure Joomla CMS , 5 Basic steps to follow

Joomla hosting and Security

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the most used CMS application used around the Globe, that’s the
reason its security should be given high priority. For Customer end we have
listed few basic steps that can avoid your Joomla website from getting hacked.

1) Keep Joomla and its extensions up-to-date

Probably the most important part of securing your Joomla website is to
keep it updated to the latest version

2) Use Strong Login Details
Don’t leave default administrator account as “admin” and use strong
password for your website.
Many attackers try to brute-force your login details. This means that
they use a list of commonly used passwords to guess yours.

3) Use Proper File Permissions

Set the permissions for your Joomla folders to 755
Set the permissions for your Joomla files to 644
Set the permissions for your configuration.php file to 444
Never use 777(full access) permissions!

4) Delete unwanted & avoid third party un-identified developer’s extensions

Joomla is open source and as a Administrator you install many modules to
try out new functionality. It’s good to try and improve but bad without
knowing developer you install module. Delete extensions, which you are
not going to use.

5) Delete unwanted files/folder from your account that you are not using.

Make sure you delete all the unused or outdates files from website that can create a loop hole for hackers

to get in to your website.

6) Scan your website

You can perform online scan your website at

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