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Difference between Hyper-V and Virtuozzo

Hyper-V and Virtuozzo are prime competitors in Virtual Private Server World. Lets check major points you need to consider before choosing one of these Virtualization platforms.


1. As Hyper-V is produced by Microsoft, it has obvious ascendancy when it comes to running website based on ASP or framework.

2. It also has advantages over components produced by Microsoft itself. Microsoft has made Hyper-V convenient by providing simple plug and play applications which makes it easier to operate. So, you do not need much technical expertise to access Hyper-V functions.

3. Hyper-V platform is not stable online as it is limited to the Microsoft OS and prohibits itself to customize if needed to run different online applications.

4. Hyper-V offers dedicated RAM, OS and CPU which does not allow over-selling the server resources. It is costlier as it comes with support charges inclusive.

5. Hyper-V is best for enterprise server on which cost is not a concern. Theoretically, Hyper-V is very stable when it comes to dedicated resources as you are not sharing RAM or CPU with other VPS avoiding server uptime issues.


1. Virtuozzo is less expensive as compared to other Virtualization platforms and would be the best option to choose if you have technical expertise to manage the Virtual Private Server.

2. Experts strongly recommend considering Virtuozzo when it comes to Linux system.

3. The users experience better web performance and get customization features.

4. Unlike Hyper-V, instead of just a dedicated virtual hardware, Virtuozzo creates a virtual operating system giving better web performance.

5. The Virtuozzo creates virtual RAM on VPS which ensures that user has enough RAM if needed or if there is a hike in program.


Hyper-V is expensive but does not need much technical expertise to manage the VPS as it provides simple applications and a dedicated virtual server. On the other hand, Virtuozzo is customizable for running online applications, cheaper, creates virtual machine with shared RAM, OS and CPU but needs good technical expertise to manage the VPS. So, to choose a Virtualization platform among Hyper-V and Virtuozzo you will need to analyze your requirements and choose the platform accordingly.To check highly reliable and affordable Virtual Servers log on to Web Hosting UK.

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