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How to Secure Joomla CMS , 5 Basic steps to follow

Joomla is one of the most used CMS application used around the Globe, that’s the reason its security should be given high priority. For Customer end we have listed few basic steps that can avoid your Joomla website from getting hacked. 1) Keep Joomla and its extensions up-to-date Probably the most important part of securing […]

5 Basic steps to Secure WordPress /Blog Website

When your WordPress site is hacked, you can lose your search engine rankings, expose your readers to viruses, have your reputation tarnished due to redirects to porn or other bad neighborhood websites, and worst lose your entire site data. To avoid site hack issue you can secure your website using below steps : 1)Keep WordPress […]

Google now allows Porn contains for Bloggers in a U-Turn statement.

Just after a statement to ban adult/pornographic contains on blogs by google with a time limit of 30 days now Google made a U-turn saying, bloggers are now allowed to host adult images or video as long as they mark it as “Adult”. Initially Google had give 1 month time for bloggers to remove those […]